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Hey there! I'm a frontend developer who loves finding cool ways to make stuff look awesome and work even better. Lately, I've been getting into backend development too, playing around with things like Node.js and PostgreSQL. It's been a wild ride, but super fun! I'm figuring out all this new stuff like message queues and ORM integration, which keeps me on my toes. But hey, every line of code is a chance to create something rad that gets people stoked. Let's make some magic happen!
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Remix JSJavaScriptTypeScriptKotlinNode.jsTailwind CSSDockerFigma
Dosa Aksara
Dosa Aksara is this (silly) little side project I made for my friends. Okay, so here's the story — we've been friends since college. Over the years, we've been mispronouncing words like crazy. You know how people mistype a word, they call it a typo? Well, Dosa Aksara is like that, but for speech mishaps. We used to use Google Forms for this, but I felt like it was missing a lot of features, like proper filtering. So I decided to make my own thing.
Typit.in iOS Shortcuts
I sorta put together an iOS Shortcut using the Typit.in API. Typit.in is this super catchy temporary URL shortener.
Ez2Sign is an e-signature system crafter on Remix JS and styles with Tailwind CSS. It makes signing documents online super easy. You can add up to 3 parties, and they'll all get the email updates on the signing progress.
MySecurePasskey is a Single Sign-On system with eKYC functionality. Users can log in to any system that requires eKYC, but they only need to do it once during MySecurePasskey registration. The system uses OpenID Connect protocol for single sign-on and FIDO2 for passwordless authentication